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There's more than one way to shorten a link! - Customize Now


Our world is now a collection of links. Mini Links helps you manage them.

At it’s simplest function, Mini Links let’s you shorten a long URL to a shortend URL, and works much like Bitly or But this is just the beginning. There are "Many" more ways to shorten a link and many more ways to use them.
Shorten Long Urls

A long Google Map link to the US White House becomes You can also use any of our other creative link shorteners like, or

Customize Your Links

Finish a short link with a single word or phrase to make them your own. Like or

Password Protect Your Links

Prevent forwarded links from being opened by unauthorized people. Easily assign a password to a link to protect it.

Manage Your Links

Don’t forget about or loose your links, they’re your creations! Mini Links lets you keep your links and manage them like an online password protected bookmarks manager that works from any device, and on any browser. Never lose a bookmark or link again.

Track your links

See how many times your links are shared and where.

Document to Link

Upload Document, Get link, Share , Done!

QR your Link

Take any link, Attached a QR code that can be scanned by any mobile phone

Card Your Link

Now your links can live on your business and contact cards.

Link Lists

See it on Amazon, Add it to birthday list. Have Twitter and Facebook account, add to Contact List. Create your own link lists.